One-on-one Leadership Coaching

Why bother with leadership coaching?

  • Coaching is profoundly beneficial in the eyes of companies and individuals who hire a coach, with 99% feeling “satisfied or very satisfied”.
  • 83% of coachees have grown significantly through leadership coaching
  • 86% of organizations saw an ROI on their coaching engagements. 
  • Coaching improves leader confidence. One study showed that 94% of leaders felt their confidence improved as a result of coaching
  • Coaching improves retention. Research with leaders shows that seven out of ten leaders feel that coaching positively impacted their desire to stay with their organization
  • Coaching improves wellbeing (81%of leaders agreed)
  • 88% improvement in performance when leadership training is combined with leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching Process

Step 1 - Scoping

We work with the organization to ensure we are aligned on why leadership coaching is needed and what we hope to achieve with it.

Step 2 - Coaching Intensive

One-on-one leadership coaching lasting 60 minutes, virtually delivered, for (on average)three months. Coaching is personalized for each client based on theirdevelopmental needs. Coaching goals are drafted and three leadership skills focus areas are selected for coaching. Success is measured and celebrated.

Step 3 - Sustainment Phase

For three more months, clients will have once monthly coaching sessions to ensure they don’t revert to old habits, and to troubleshoot any areas that need it.

Leadership Coaching Intensive

All clients have the same first three sessions. Session four onwards is customized per client. The average coaching intensive lasts three months, followed by a less invovled three more months sustainment phase.

Step 1 - Laying the foundation

• Intro to coaching

• Establishing rapport

• Agreeing accountabilities

• Understanding client’s priorities/context/challenges

• Creating a coaching development plan with goals and three linked skill focus areas

Step 2 - You as a leader

• Understanding your leadership style and philosophy

• Leading through your values

• Understanding your leadership journey and how you cangrow new leaders with it

• Self administered DISC assessment following this session

Step 3 - DISC debrief & Measures of Success

• Debrief DISC assessment

• Understand how your DISC style connects to yourleadership style

• Agree focus area measures of success

Step 4+ - Skills Focus Areas Coaching

Leadership Skills Focus Areas

Clients work with coach to select three focus areas to develop. Within each focus area, the client’s specific challenges are tackled. Each focus area usually takes a few sessions to improve on and includes tasks for the client to work on between coaching sessions.Measures of success are agreed up front for each focus area. Some focus areas include an assessment.

Focus areas included:

• Confidence and leadership presence

• Influencing others / leadership communications

• Clarity, alignment, collaboration

• Managing conflict, difficult conversations, feedback

• Work/life balance, intergenerational workforce, leading remote teams

• Empowering others/ delegating successfully

• Motivating others

• Managing change

• Building the ideal culture

• Diversity, equity & inclusion

• Growing other leaders, succession planning


Various assessments are administered at key moments to build a client’s self-awareness and leadership skills. Currentassessments include:


• Work/life balance

• Psychological safety

• Team effectiveness

• Conflict style

• Implicitassociation test (biases assessment)

• Custom assessment written for your needs

Measuring success

The final coaching session of the ‘Intensive’ involves taking stock of what has been achieved (using the agreed measures of success from session 3) and sharing recommendations for sustaining behavior change.

Sustainment Phase

• One per month coaching session tracking successes, mishaps and learnings from new skills/behaviors when put intopractice

• Usually lasts 3 months to ensure new behaviors/skills are locked in and the client doesn’t revert to old habits

Sustainment Phase

For three more months, clients will have once monthly coaching sessions to ensure they don’t revert to old habits, and to troubleshoot any areas that need it.

Batiste team

In addition to all our professional qualifications and experiences, we are down-to-earth, humble people who will intently listen and seek and incorporate feedback. We believe that you are the experts on your organization and community.

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